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Hiten Ganatra: Lessons for Brexit from the Property Industry

I am always struck by the parallels between encouraging my clients to get a good deal when negotiating a property purchase and the need for the UK to stand firm in its negotiation of a good trade deal when leaving Europe.

Jeevan Vipinachandran: Yes Prime Minister, please call a May election

There is much talk of an early May election, in spite of Downing St’s denials. There is a need for political clarity and consensus as Great Britain embarks on the great leap into the unknown of Brexit, in my view necessitating an early General Election. 

Hiten Ganatra: Thoughts on the Government's Housing White Paper

Planning permission for developers

An excellent measure which has been announced to reduce the validity of planning permission from 3 years down to 2 years along with plans to make it easier to revoke planning permission where the sites have no prospect of completing.

Jeevan Vipinachandran: Let’s give Trump a chance

Like many I would have preferred to see Mrs Clinton win. I did not see this one coming. Frankly no-one did, barring Michael Moore and a handful of academics and businessmen. How did Donald Trump, reviled by nearly all across the political spectrum, confound virtually the whole world?

Meera Sonecha - Conservatives: the women factor

Meera Sonecha is the Executive Officer of Conservative Friends of India

At the beginning of last month I was thinking a lot about Navratri. Not simply because it is a beautiful festival, but more because of the message it contains.