Jeevan Vipinachandran: Let’s give Trump a chance

Like many I would have preferred to see Mrs Clinton win. I did not see this one coming. Frankly no-one did, barring Michael Moore and a handful of academics and businessmen. How did Donald Trump, reviled by nearly all across the political spectrum, confound virtually the whole world?

CF India celebrates Diwali

Conservative Friends of India celebrated Diwali at a reception at the Mint Leaf restaurant in Haymarket.

The event on Wednesday, November 16, was hosted by CF India’s co-chairmen Shailesh Vara MP and Ranjit Singh Baxi.

Meera Sonecha - Conservatives: the women factor

Meera Sonecha is the Executive Officer of Conservative Friends of India

At the beginning of last month I was thinking a lot about Navratri. Not simply because it is a beautiful festival, but more because of the message it contains.

Conservative Party Chairman celebrates Diwali

Conservative Party Chairman, Patrick McLoughlin, joined fellow Conservative MP, Amanda Solloway, to celebrate the switching on of the Diwali lights in Derby.

The event took place at the Geeta Bhawan temple, on Pear Tree Road, on Friday evening.

Nicky Morgan celebrates Navratri in Loughborough

Conservative Friends of India arranged a visit to the Shree Ram Krishna Centre in Loughborough for the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough, to celebrate the festival of Navratri.