Theresa Ke Saath - a song by Conservative Friends of India

Hindi song especially composed for the General Election 2017 to promote connectivity with the  1.6 million British Indians to support Theresa May who will provide a strong and stable leadership for Britain and growth of  the British economy.

Every vote for Theresa May is a vote for stronger Britain with the benefits felt by everyone across the country. We need a country that works for everyone.

Theresa May wants to build strong trade partnership with India and engage actively with the British Indian Community.

Song written, composed and produced by Pandit Dinesh, Vocals by Navin Kundra, Rubayyatt Jahan, Urmi Chakraborty , Raja Kasaf & Ketan Kansra, Music by Milan Handa, Chris Nolan & Mauro.

Executive Producer : Ranjit S Baxi

The essential meaning of the Hindi song translated into English is as follows:


Together with Theresa

Thank you, friends grateful for your support,

Again, the time has come for us to be together,

Thank you for your continued support

Let’s join hands with Theresa May

To make Conservatives win

Five years with Theresa

For the Pride of Britain

Let’s join hands with Theresa May

For a Strong Stable government

She will bring Growth & Prosperity for us all,

Theresa May will support us always

Let’s join hands with Theresa May

Who will take us forward together

Let’s join hands with Theresa May