Message of Condolence

The Conservative Friends of India conveys its heartfelt condolences on the sudden demise of Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, a senior BJP leader and a former External Affairs Minister of India in the Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji’s Government from 2014 to 2019.

CF India is delighted to Welcome Mr Rishi Sunak MP, as a Patron

Mr Rishi Sunka MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Local Government) said:
"It is an honour to appointed a Patron of the Conservative Friends of India, an organisation which contributes so much to strengthen the bonds which bring our two great nations together. In so many ways British values are Indian values – respect for the family, strong communities, hard work, enterprise and charitable giving. I look forward to working with CF India to strengthen the links between our two countries and to ensure the Conservative Party remains the natural home of the Indian diaspora in the UK."

Dr Rami Ranger CBE, Co-Chairman of CF India said, “ CF India would like to thank Rishi Sunak MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, for accepting the role of a Parliamentary Patron. Rishi has long been a champion of developing ties between the Conservative Party with our Indian diaspora and his support as a Patron will help to further enhance the CF India initiatives. ”

CF India is delighted to Welcome Ms. Nus Ghani MP, as a Patron

Ms Nus Ghani MP for Wealden and Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Transport) said:
 ‘I am honoured to act as Patron for The Conservative Friends of India. The Conservative Party is the natural home for the Indian diaspora in the UK.
Our shared respect for the power of family, alongside the value placed on education, hard work, business ownership, and charitable action in our communities is something I am proud to champion.
I passionately believe that our strength as a country lies in our diversity: we must make the most of all the talent available to us, and be the party that empowers everyone to succeed in modern Britain today.’ 

Dr Rami Ranger said ‘CF India is delighted to welcome Nus Ghani MP as a Patron and looks forward to the support from Nus in working with the Indian diaspora in Britain to further develop community engagement with CF India and the Conservative Party’.